Monday, May 2, 2011

Long lost a1l1n

It's really been such great long time I've never logged on to my blogsite. Have almost forgotten my email and password again ><" haha..

Just a lil' update on my life. a1l1n is currently working at Kelington Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, basically a gas and chemical piping servicing company, which it includes UHP system as well. Well, not to say that I'm boosting my own company's trumpet, but gotta say KTSB is indeed a great company to start with, especially for fellow fresh graduates to join in. A place with great opportunities to explore and learn, fall and stand up again, as well as to wholesomely experience what an engineer really does in life. Aparts from that, the extra points of this company are the surrounding friendly and capable colleagues with at all no political issues (as far as i concern larr.. haha). No exaggeration, one could definitely sense that at the very first moment they enter the interview session *trust me*.

Oops, aparts from all the pros, the only con or should i say the situation that you havta face would be, long outstation hours. Due to our works are of project based, so there is always high possibility that you would be sent to Northern part such as Penang or Kulim, Southern part such as Malacca, Seremban or Johor, or even East Malaysia. When other countries are in need of people, you may as well being sent to Singapore, China, or Taiwan for supports. So if these life seems to be okie dokie or even life that you've been dreaming for, what are you waiting for? Send in resume lorr.. haha.. FYI, KE is a fast growing company, forever in need of people, especially people with engineering background, so never hesitate to just apply for the related post~ ;)

Haha seems to promote too much.. haha.. Anyway that's my life now. Am currently working at IBIDEN Penang, a factory which produces Iphone chips. On and off coming back to klang twice a month. Great life there.. but was too hectic last time so never really update my bloggie. Would on and off try to update more posts, especially food hunting while I'm in Penang ;)

~ KE Group Picture~

~long lost~


Sunday, May 23, 2010

First week back in Klang

17th of May, yeap that's the day when I stepped out from my university life, the day when my student's life is officially called off. No more continuous flow of unfinishing assignments and projects, no more lazing hours and lazing days, no more carefree hanging out session without worrying lapse of time, no more innocent crapping and laughing sessions without worrying how tomorrow should come... responsibility of a student is offcially layed off here, and it's also the time to turning on a new leaf, marching towards the next level of my life.

It has been a series of tedious and uncertain interview sessions ever since I made my early trip back. Many thanks to the slightly better economy turn-out, things seem to look brighter than my last year's internship application period. At the very least, there is a path and direction for me to move forward.

There's a thought behind my mind.. Having my fingers crossed.. Hoping the best for my career path, and the same goes to my fellow coursemates, wishing the best for all of us in our job hunting outcomes. God bless~

Well anyway, before our real working life creeps in, let's say HELLOooOOOooOOOoo TO TAIWAN 1st!! Hope we'll have a safe, enjoyable and memorable trip!! Let's have a blast one for this and see you all around then!!

The update:
a1l1n's signing off to Taiwan from 25th May..
to... *XXX date*


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ikan Bakar at Kelombong

Familiar with the sign? Yeah, a place which is famous for their Ikan Bakar ^^ As the restaurant name sounds, the place is situated at Kelombong, where I guess almost every students in UMS or perhaps everyone at Sabah have come across with it for a long long time ago.

Kelombong Restaurant at Kelombong XD

And this is the ikan bakar or burnt fish that I've mentioned ^^

Hehe.. so far this is the best ikan bakar that I've ever tried in Sabah.. gonna be real missing it after back to Peninsular XD lurve especially the sauce much, sweet and nice~ You may always request for more sauces from the stall. They have also 锅贴, chicken wing and satay there, but normally that is how we order - Ikan Bakar from the stall, baby kailan, claypot tofu, rice and barli drinks from the Kelombong Restaurant~ ^^ It costs around RM20/fish, depending on the type and the size that you choose. This place is best dine in with group of friends ^^


Friday, May 7, 2010


“累” 即 “无言”

决定了 就继续走下去吧



Lip Ice

After browsing from the net, there only I realize that Mentholatum Lip Care products was actually the best selling Lip Care lines in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and even in Indonesia~!!

Pondering at its wide range of fruity flavours, from grapes, strawberry, lemon, peach to apple, a1l1n have just realized that I've actually had tried them all, except for the unknown blue colour flavour Lip Ice~ *proud* XD

Well, gotta say it is also solely due to its special mint cooling effect, Lip Ice have been my favourite choice compared to any other lip care products in the market. Moreover it's in a lipstick form! Judging from the point that stick is always much better and easier to use than liquid form, Lip Ice had been my best companion especially during my doom days in first and second year of uni life, where my lips were always in supercritical sensitive condition back then. Rather than its nourishing effect, Lip Ice had become a necessary protective shield to me in my daily routine to be more exact.

So why am I blogging this out of the blue?

... cuz dunno since when, my lips have back to my last-time condition!!!! Days with lip ice, has again come into my life..
I want my lips back!!! *shouting out loud*
Even when I'm typing this, my strawberry Lip Ice is here standing by me, nourishing my aching lips... but the thing is..

.. guess it is time for a new one again...

Life has never been more miserable without Lip Ice..and my suffering days would herein start from today.. =(


Thursday, May 6, 2010

大排档 at Lido

After four years at Sabah, only we found out this very nice 大排档 at Lido.. got Peninsular feel and taste, nice nice and highly recommended for sure ^^ The only con of it ? It is kinda TOO FAR from Kingfisher ><

Crowded with people especially during dinner time

You may catch this just at the corner of the shoplots..
So what so special about it?

well, a1l1n lurve its TomYam.. sour and spicy ^^

Stroll along the shoplots, you may find variety of foods that you may be craving throughout all these years at Sabah.. By the way, they have Ikan bakar too, but to a1l1n, I still feel Kelombong's Ikan bakar is tastiest so far XD So let's see what we have the other day...

.. yummy chicken rice..

..Quite-not-bad Ice Kacang.. come perfect especially during these hot hot days *not the "hot hot" in Human show alright* XD

... Hehe lastly, sizzling..

Those craving for sizzling, sorry to say but personally, that sizzling was kinda too salty to me, not really recommended.. it's from another corner of the shoplots.. yaiks.. like tarnishing their name pulak hahaha but I believe the frank comments from the customer always important right =) Hehe after all, for those who have transport in Sabah, do give it a try there lolx.. cuz overall it's rating quite not bad to dine in, if you were to say nice 大炒 food at Sabah larr ^^


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update update~

Hehe.. enough for food and beverages postssss, and time for some real updates on life!! *ow yeah~!!* XD

Hehe.. so how have I been doing here lately? Here are some of the checklists:
Assignmentssss? Done XD
Plant Design Milestonessss? Done XD
Final Year Project? Done XD
Final Examinationss? ALL Done XD

Car? Shipped!!
Convocation airflight tickets?
Booked!! XD
Convocation car rental?
Done!! XD
Convocation Studio Session?
Booked!! XD
Convocation Accommodation? Partially..
Coming graduation trip? All booked and arranged!! XD

Hehe.. so currently, left only..
Final Year Project viva~ 6th May due
Plant Design preliminary and real viva~ 10th May due
FYP final compilation and binding~ 13th May due
PD final compilation and binding~ 17th May due

So on the 17th of May, a1l1n shall officially bid farewell to the land of Sabah~!! *Finally* ^^ but that also denotes that I'm bidding farewell to my student's life already~ *sob sob* In these four years, gotta say that you all made me the perfect companions, whether in class, in studies or in outings!! Although we've yet to taste all the food at Sabah, have yet to travelled all the places at Sabah, have yet to do all the must-to-do things in Sabah, to me, always the companion that does matter~

And to a1l1n...
C3A.. You people rockz~!!!

Some lil' confessions to fellow C3A~
Having you all as the companions throughout these years was a bless to me and getting to know you all is the greatest thing ever in this uni life ^^ Having my fingers crossed, hopefully after graduation, still we would be keeping in touch always~ Remember to update your facebooks always, don't register already and freeze dry it there; update your blogs always; song song sms har each other, call har each other, ajak har each other, don't act busy there everyday every minute and every seconds XD and above of all, *ehm ehm* If there is always a gathering once in every one or two years then jau super duper good lorrrr....

One of the recent photos when out with juniors *so ngam in my laptop haha*

Hmm so, what's awaiting for me ahead next would be the coming job interviews, friends & family reunion, graduation trip and holidaysssss~ ^^ Am currently still in dilemma whether should I start to work in August or July >< if got company willing to accept me in August jau good lorrrr~ Then i can play sepuas-puasnya dulu ler~