Monday, May 2, 2011

Long lost a1l1n

It's really been such great long time I've never logged on to my blogsite. Have almost forgotten my email and password again ><" haha..

Just a lil' update on my life. a1l1n is currently working at Kelington Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd, basically a gas and chemical piping servicing company, which it includes UHP system as well. Well, not to say that I'm boosting my own company's trumpet, but gotta say KTSB is indeed a great company to start with, especially for fellow fresh graduates to join in. A place with great opportunities to explore and learn, fall and stand up again, as well as to wholesomely experience what an engineer really does in life. Aparts from that, the extra points of this company are the surrounding friendly and capable colleagues with at all no political issues (as far as i concern larr.. haha). No exaggeration, one could definitely sense that at the very first moment they enter the interview session *trust me*.

Oops, aparts from all the pros, the only con or should i say the situation that you havta face would be, long outstation hours. Due to our works are of project based, so there is always high possibility that you would be sent to Northern part such as Penang or Kulim, Southern part such as Malacca, Seremban or Johor, or even East Malaysia. When other countries are in need of people, you may as well being sent to Singapore, China, or Taiwan for supports. So if these life seems to be okie dokie or even life that you've been dreaming for, what are you waiting for? Send in resume lorr.. haha.. FYI, KE is a fast growing company, forever in need of people, especially people with engineering background, so never hesitate to just apply for the related post~ ;)

Haha seems to promote too much.. haha.. Anyway that's my life now. Am currently working at IBIDEN Penang, a factory which produces Iphone chips. On and off coming back to klang twice a month. Great life there.. but was too hectic last time so never really update my bloggie. Would on and off try to update more posts, especially food hunting while I'm in Penang ;)

~ KE Group Picture~

~long lost~



Anonymous said...

wah... finally u updated it.. u r making me a bit regret for not joining this company.. lol..

~灰色 天空~ said...

walao, u oso know long lost d hor... tot u dun blog anymore tim...

and u r onli updating on ur working life and promoting ur company onli ler...others ler?? haha

Christine said...

i tot dead dy..

Joel said...

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