Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chopard Perfume Happy Spirit


Another new perfume came into my life ^^

Specially thanks to someone *winks*

~Chopard Happy Spirit~

I found out generally the perfumes sold at Taiwan are just way much cheaper than that in Malaysia, even they are being sold under the same branch~ I've visited Sasa in Taiwan, and got this lovely Chopard perfume from someone at the price of RM170 Weee~ =x and FYI the Anna Sui which I've bought at the price of RM99 at Robinson previously, was found to cost around RM79 at Sasa in Taiwan!!! *wtf*

However, I've run through The Body Shop there, and my personal advice is, please do think twice before buying the perfumes there, as The Body Shop at Malaysia are way much cheaper!!~ Seriously are LOTS LOTS CHEAPER!! *Trust me* ><



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